Importing Maps to Projects


Uploading MindGenius Maps

MindGenius Desktop mind maps (saved in the .mgmx format – v3.8 onwards) can be uploaded to MindGenius Online into the Related Docs area of a project.

This is done by selecting the Related Docs tab, then click + on Attachments and then Local File. Navigate to the location on your PC where the mind map is saved, then select open.

Uploading MindGenius Mapsrelated_docs.png


Uploading into the Maps Area

Mind Maps can’t be uploaded directly into the Map View in MindGenius Online, however you can do this manually by copying and pasting into the Map View.

  • Start by uploading your map file to the Related Docs area in the project, as above.
  • Open the mind map you uploaded.
  • Select and copy (the core branch only) using ctrl + c key combination (Windows) or cmd + c (Mac). You should only copy the core branch as if you copy the entire map you will lose the map hierarchy.
  • Switch to the Map View in the new project.
  • Paste the map using ctrl + c (Windows) or cmd + c (Mac). You will see that you now have two core branches in your mind map (your original core and the one from the map you pasted).
  • Select the second of these core branches and delete it (ensure you don’t delete the child branches).
  • As a final clean-up step, switch back to the Files tab and archive the map you uploaded initially.

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