Task Board Details


Once your project plan is created and tasks have been assigned, you can manage them through the Task List or Task Board views.


Using the Task Board

Tasks are arranged in a Kanban style board and can be moved from left to right by dragging and dropping the task card on the board as the task progresses.

You can prioritise task order by dragging and dropping task cards vertically in the task lists.

The following statuses are added to the board by default: Not Started, In Progress and Done.

You can add custom statuses by creating a new list on the board Using_the_Task_Board_05.png

Lists can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into the new position on the board


Filtering Tasks on the Board

The cards displayed on the board can be filtered to show only the cards you are interested in. This can be done by clicking the Filter icon Using_the_Task_Board_06.png in the top-right and selecting the criteria by which to filter the board.

You can filter the board by Task Name, Completed State (Incomplete or Complete), Start Date (Started, Starting Today and Starting This Week), Due Date (Due Today, Due This Week and Overdue), tags, and/or by the user assigned to the task card.

Filter Board




Moving Tasks Accross the Board


Rearranging Columns


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