Inviting Users to Organisations


Users can be invited to join an existing Organisation in MindGenius Online. This is done by an Admin of the Organisation, go to the settings menu at the top right of the home page.



To add a new user to the organisation, type their email address into the textbox and click invite.



Pending Invites

Once you invite a new user they will appear in the list of Organisation members with a half-filled green indicator. This means that the user has been sent an invitation to join but has not accepted. At this point they are now using one license. 


Revoking Invites

If an Admin wishes to revoke the invitation prior to the user accepting, this is done by clicking theOrganisation_Admin_Page_04.png button next to the user’s details in the Action area.

Once this person has been revoked, the license will be free and can be registered to a new user.

In the event that the user accepts an invitation after the organisation admin has revoked the invite, an error page will be presented.



Accepted Invites

Once a user accepts the invitation to join the organisation, they will become a fully active organisation member. The full green symbol will be displayed next to their details: 

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