Using the Related Docs Area


The related docs is a shared document area to store information relating to your project. You can organise the workspace by creating folders into which maps can be placed. It can be accessed in any project by going to Related Docs in any project.


Adding a File to the Related Docs Area

Clicking "+" at the top of the Attachments section -> Local File will launch the Windows explorer dialog window to allow you to navigate to, and select a file to upload to MindGenius Online. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the browser to upload.

You can create a new folder to organise your files by clicking "+" on the Folders header.


More Options

Once you have uploaded your document or map, further options can be expanded by clicking the more options in the files list:

From this menu, you can rename the map, move to another folder, archive when you are finished working with it and download (mind maps will be downloaded in MindGenius format for you to open with the software).

More Options Menu


Once documents have been archived you can recover it and return it to the list again using the ‘Restore archived files’ option.



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