Recent Activity Feeds



Recent Activity feed can be found in your Personal Workspace (Home) in MindGenius Online.

Updates are displayed in order, with the most recent at the top of the list. As a new update appears in the list, it will be briefly highlighted.

Task Properties can be opened from the Activity Feed by click/tapping the activity card in the feed. This will display a number of details about the task:

  • Task created
  • Task assigned/assignment changed
  • Task due date set/changed
  • Task status set/changed
  • Task title changes



Workspace Level Activity Feed

My Workspace activity feed provides a high-level overview of changes made to any of the projects which you are involved in.


Project Level Activity Feed

Once you access a project, any changes made by team members will be displayed in a similar activity feed that is found in your personal Workspace. This will update as the same as before, live as events take place.

Project Activity Feed

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