Uploading Old Style Maps (.mgmf Format)


Maps created prior to MindGenius Desktop V3.8 are saved in a different format from those saved in newer versions (to read about the different file formats please click here)

The newer XML-based format (.mgmx) can be uploaded to MindGenius Online, however the older format (.mgmf) is not supported.

Even if you've updated to a newer version of MindGenius, you may still have some of these old format maps around that you want to upload to MindGenius Online - You may not even notice that they're in the old format since newer versions of MindGenius are able to open older format maps without issue.

If You Attempt to Upload an Old Style Map

The good news is that you can convert your old format maps to the newer XML based format by opening them in MindGenius Desktop and then saving in the new format (provided you have a V3 or newer version of MindGenius Desktop installed)


Step 1 - In MindGenius

  1. Double click the .mgmf map to open in MindGenius Desktop (Or within MindGenius Desktop, click "File" > "Open" (Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut)
  2. With the map open, click "File" > "Save As"
  3. In the Save dialog, select "MindGenius Documents (*.mgmx)" from the top of the "Save as type" list.
  4. Click "Save"
  5. A copy of your map will be saved in the newer .mgmx format


Step 2 - In MindGenius Online

  1. In a project, go to Related Docs
  2. Select "+" on the Attachments header.
  3. Click "Local File"
  4. Navigate to the save location for your newly created copy of your map
  5. Click to upload to MindGenius Online

The map saved in the new format will be an exact copy of the map in the old format. You may choose to delete the old map now to avoid any confusion between the two.


To Save a Map in .mgmx Format
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