Sharing Customised Question Sets

You can send a copy of your question set to someone else externally. Here's how:

  1. Ensure your question set is ready to be sent
  2. Close MindGenius
  3. Open the Windows start menu and click "Documents"
  4. Locate and open the "My MindGenius Templates" folder
  5. Locate and open the "Questions" folder
  6. Locate the XML file bearing the name of the question set you want to send

Once you've located the file either copy the file to a memory stick or send it to your colleague as an email attachment.
Once your colleague has received the file:

  1. Close MindGenius
  2. Navigate to the "Documents" | "My MindGenius Templates" | "Questions" folder
  3. Drop the question set XML file into the "Questions" folder
  4. Restart MindGenius

Once MindGenius has been restarted your colleague will see the new question set appear in their questions list.

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