Editing Hyperlink Text

Hyperlinks added to the notes cannot have their text changed.
If your hyperlink is added via the Add Attachments dialog (Insert tab) you can add a friendly name for it by right-clicking on the branch, hovering over "Attachments" and selecting "Edit". Enter a name in the description box and click "OK."
Hyperlinks can be added to maps via the Hyperlink command on the insert ribbon.
To add a hyperlink to a branch:

  1.     Switch to the "Insert" ribbon
  2.     Click the "Hyperlink" command
  3.     Enter a friendly name in to the "Description" field
  4.     Enter a fully formed web address in to the "Hyperlink Address" field
  5.     Click "OK" to add the hyperlink
"Insert" -> "Hyperlink"Is_it_possible_to_change_hyperlink_text_3.png
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