Saving Files

You can save MindGenius files by overwriting the current file if you have one open or by choosing a new name and location.

If you are saving a new map for the first time you will always be asked to specify a name and location to save.

To save a MindGenius file overwriting the previous version:

  • Open the "File" menu and click "Save"

To save a MindGenius file specifying name and location:

  1. Open the "File" menu and click "Save As"
  2. Browse for a location in which to save the file
  3. Enter a file name
  4. Click "Save"

More Information

Best Use: The most efficient way to save a map is by using the Ctrl+S shortcut.

 Maps can also be saved by:

  • Clicking the  quick access toolbar icon

Shortcut Keys

  • Use "Ctrl"+"S" to save a map

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