Linking MindGenius iPad with Dropbox

To link MindGenius with your Dropbox account you should first ensure that you have a free or subscriber account with Dropbox. A free account is all that's necessary but a subscriber account can also be used.

To link your account:

  1. Start MindGenius for iPad
  2. Tap the "Actions" button (main toolbar, second button from the left)
  3. Tap "Sign in to Dropbox"
  4. Wait for Safari to launch and the Dropbox website to load
  5. Enter your Dropbox username and password then tap "Sign in"
  6. Allow MindGenius access to your Dropbox by tapping "Allow"
  7. Wait for Safari to authenticate you with Dropbox and return you to MindGenius.

You can now access the "Actions" menu once again and tap "Download maps" to start downloading.

The in-app help documentation contains all you need to know about Dropbox integration. To access the help:

  1. Tap the (?) icon on the main toolbar
  2. Tap "Help"
  3. Tap "Dropbox"
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