Importing Maps to the iPad App

Maps created in the Desktop version of MindGenius can be imported to the iPad app so long as they are saved in the .mgmx file format. Maps saved in the older .mgmf format are not compatible with the iPad app and will need to be saved in .mgmx format via the desktop application by selecting "MindGenius Documents" (.mgmx) from the file type list.

There are three ways you can transfer your map from your PC to your iPad:

  • Email
  • Dropbox
  • iTunes

To transfer maps onto your iPad by email, simply attach your map files to an email message and send it to an email address that's accessible from your iPad.

When the email message arrives, open the email and tap the icon representing the first map file. Tap "Open in MindGenius".

You will need to repeat the above for each map file, however once all have been opened in MindGenius they will be saved locally and can be opened within MindGenius itself.

Downloading from Dropbox:

Maps can be downloaded from your Dropbox account.

To be able to download from Dropbox you must have a free Dropbox account set up, and you must have linked MindGenius with it. (Click here for details)

To download from Dropbox:

  1. Tap the actions button to open the actions menu
  2. Tap 'Download maps >'
  3. Tap each map that you want to download
  4. Tap 'Download'

Once your maps have downloaded they'll appear in your maps list.

Using iTunes:

You can transfer maps onto your iPad using Dropbox.

  1. Connect your iPad to your PC
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Select your iPad from the "Devices" list (Left panel of iTunes)
  4. Select "Apps" from the tab bar at the top of the window
  5. Scroll down until you see "File Sharing"
  6. Select "MindGenius"
  7. Using the "Add..." button, navigate to maps on your PC

(Note: Officially the iPad app only works with MindGenius Desktop Version 4 and newer. Version 3.8 maps will open in the iPad app, however due to the lack of gradient branch fill support in that version, maps sent from V3 to the iPad app display with a dark / black gradient background)

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