Tracking Additional Details for Resources

MindGenius supports a single set of contact details per resource, however there are additional resource fields that you could use to track additional details.

To access these additional fields:

  1. Switch to the "Tasks" ribbon
  2. Click the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the "Resources" group to open the "Edit Resource List" dialog
  3. Select a resource and click "Edit" to open the resource details dialog
  4. Enter additional details.

In addition, you could insert a completely distinct resource for your contact, and then customise their initials to differentiate them from your normal map resources. Customisation of the resource initials is achieved through the same resource details dialog described above. The resource’s initials are what is displayed on the branch when a resource is assigned. Customised resources would therefore show clearly on the branch.

In that way, normal resources responsible for owning a task can be left with their usual initials, for example "JS" for "John Smith", but the contact for your task could have their initials customised, for example “con: JS”





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