Desktop Essentials



Type and Return  
Type and return helps you build your maps quickly by capturing what you type - no mouse, no dialogs.
To Get Started:

  1. Select a branch to become the parent (new branches are added below here, as children)
  2. Start typing the name of your branch, then press return

Drag and Drop  
Drag and drop helps you reorganise branches without the need to delete and re-add it.
To Get Started:

  1. Select the branch or parent you want to move
  2. Click and start dragging away from it's current position
  3. Hove the mouse over it's new location, using the drop indicator to refine it's new position
  4. Release the mouse to complete the move

Map Explorer  
The map explorer helps you make sense of large and complex maps.
Use the map explorer to focus-in on certain areas of the map, or to create a branch on screen.
To Get Started:

  1. Choose which mode the explorer should operate in; focus or pan (focus is default)
  2. Select a branch or parent
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