Linking Maps to Branches

Existing MindGenius maps can be attached to a branch and launched from within the application.

Attaching maps makes them accessible from the same place and avoids you having to search for the file before opening it.

To attach a map to a branch:

  1. Select a branch to attach the map to.
  2. Switch to the "Insert" ribbon and select the "Attachments" command.
  3. Click the browse button and browse for a map to attach.
  4. Enter a description for the map (if no description is added the file name will be used.)
  5. Click "OK".

To launch a map attached to a branch:

  • If a single map is attached, double click the MindGenius document icon.
  • If multiple maps are attached, click the attachment icon, then choose a map to launch.


Select a Branch to Attach the Map to

Switch to the Insert Ribbon and Select Attachments
Click "Browse" and Select the Map to Link
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