Activating MindGenius

MindGenius can be evaluated for 14 days from the date of installation, after which time a licence must be purchased and activated to regain full functionality.

You can purchase a licence code and activate MindGenius at any time during or after the evaluation.

To Purchase:

▪ Visit the MindGenius store by clicking here to buy online.


▪ Contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1355 247766 (United Kingdom 9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email

To Activate Over the Internet:

  1. Start MindGenius and wait for the splash screen to appear
  2. Click the "Activate" button
  3. Wait for the activation wizard to start
  4. Enter your name, Licence Number (e.g. YG70TM-123456-987654321) into the field provided
  5. Click "Activate"

To Manually Activate:

Please contact us if you need a manual activation.

Manual activation not available on Subscription payments

The MindGenius Splash Screen


Automatic Activation


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