Building and Organising Plans in the Timeline


Build Your Plan

There's no need to leave the Timeline view and return to the Map or Tasks areas to add new tasks and build up your project plan.

  • New tasks can be added directly to the Timeline grid and set details accordingly.
  • Start and End dates can be added to tasks either from the grid or by dragging and dropping the taskbar directly on the timeline (see "Resize and Move Taskbars to Schedule below)
  • You can assign a status from the grid and this will correspond with the Task and Map areas.
  • Team members can be assigned to the task from the Grid




Resize and Move Taskbars to Schedule

Clicking and dragging the start or end of a taskbar allows you to change the start or end date for the task. The taskbar itself will resize accordingly to show the change in duration for that task.

To update both the start and end for a task, click the center of the taskbar in the timeline and drag either left or right to update.




Drag and Drop to Reorder

Tasks in the Timeline can be reordered based upon their dates or their priority, simply click and drag the task in the grid to reorder it. You will be able to see where the task will drop in the grid prior to releasing.

Dragging and dropping a task against another will place it as a subtask of the new parent task.



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