Using the Map, Timeline and Task Board Together


There are three different views in MindGenius Online, Map, Timeline and Task Board. Each of these views has been designed to update seamlessly with each other. Meaning a change in one view will be changed in another view.

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At MindGenius we believe that you should start by brainstorming your project ideas, this is done in the Map view.

During this planning stage you can capture ideas directly in the map, then organise your ideas after by dragging and dropping.






In the Timeline view, you can focus on planning and scheduling your tasks to ensure you deliver your tasks and project on time.

Start and end dates can be set either in the Timeline grid or alternatively by clicking and dragging the start, centre or end of a taskbar.

By changing the dates of a task in the Timeline, MindGenius Online will automatically apply this to the Map view and Task Board.




Task Board

The Task Board is used to manage the statuses of the tasks in your project as it progresses. You can change the status of a task by dragging and dropping into the different columns. This will also change the task in the Map and Timeline view.

Creating a subtask in the Task Board will also be displayed in the Map and Timeline (and vice versa). This allows you to manage the progress of a task in the Task Board, and the scheduling in the Timeline.



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