Reporting with the Timeline


The Timeline can be used as a useful tool to gain an overview of how your project is progressing and keeping to schedule.

If you need a higher level view of all the tasks in your project, you can adjust the timescale.

You can also apply filters to the Timeline to remove any unnecessary branches from the Map, or unscheduled tasks, which would otherwise clutter the Timeline.



Changing the Timescale

The timescale displayed in the Timeline view can be altered to give a higher level or more granular view of the tasks in your project.

You can choose to display the Timeline in:

  • Individual days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters




Filter Timeline

The Timeline view can be filtered to allow you to:

1. Hide map branches which don't have task properties set. This allows you to focus only on those branches in your map which are tasks.

If you want to add task properties to branches in the Timeline view, the filter can be toggled back off using the checkbox. Task properties can then be set against these branches to create tasks from them.



2. Hide unscheduled tasks. Unlike map branches with no task properties against them, unscheduled branches have some task properties already assigned (Assignee or Status for example) however they don't currently have date properties against them.



3. Hide Completed tasks. Any tasks which have been marked as complete using the complete checkbox will be hidden from the Timeline.



For more detail on marking tasks as complete please click here

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