Timeline Basics



Add Tasks to Your Timeline

Branches you create in your Map or Task Board/List are automatically visible on your Timeline, however if you need to add new tasks to your project you can also do this directly in the Timeline itself using the grid.

Hover your mouse over the branch you want to be the parent of the new task (tap on touch devices) and you'll note more options become available against that branch.

Click/tap the plus button to create a new subtask against the task selected Timeline_Basics_01.png

The selected branch in the Timeline grid will then change to the newly created blank task, to allow you to enter task details against it.

You can enter a task name, start date, end date, status and assign the task to a team member from within the grid.





Schedule Tasks

Tasks can be scheduled in the Timeline by setting a start and end date via the grid. This can be done during the task creation stage (see above) or edited as required.

In addition to updating duration via the grid, task scheduling can be managed in the Timeline itself by clicking and dragging the task bars to update either start or end date.

Clicking either the start or end of a task on the Timeline will allow you to drag and drop the start or end of the taskbar to set a new date.

If you do not need to change the duration, and instead need to update start and end dates, the entire task bar can be dragged and dropped in the Timeline to update both dates. This can be done by clicking the center of the taskbar in the Timeline.





Assign Tasks

once you have task properties set, you can assign the task to a team member either through the grid under the Assignee section or by opening the Task Card dialog window.

To open the Task Card for your chosen task, hover your cursor over the task in the grid (tap on touch devices) and click the properties cog icon Timeline_Basics_02.png

The Task Card allows you to choose from a list of existing team members. Clicking the user's avatar/initials in the team section will assign them the task and issue them with an email notification with the task name and a link to the task in MindGenius Online.


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