Timeline Features




The Timeline grid can be filtered to hide unwanted tasks or branches in your map, allowing you to focus on the tasks which are important to you.

If you have branches in your map which do not have task properties assigned (i.e. dates, status or assignee) you can hide these branches from the Timeline view by checking the "Hide branches" filter at the top of the grid.


You may have created tasks in the Map or Tasks area which you haven't yet scheduled a date for. These can be hidden from the Timeline view by checking the "Hide unscheduled" checkbox.


Finally, you can hide tasks which have been marked as "Complete" from the Timeline view using the "Hide completed" checkbox.





The timescale your Tasklist displays can be altered to give you a longer- or shorter-term view of your tasks.

You can choose to display the Timeline in days, weeks, months or quarters depending upon your requirements.

The options to change the timescale can be found in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Timeline view.




Drag and Drop Rows

Dragging and dropping the rows in your Timeline grid will rearrange the order in which tasks are displayed in the Timeline.

This can be used to prioritise important tasks over less important ones.

Depending upon where you drop the task in relation to the other tasks in your board, you can also use drag and drop to turn tasks into sub-tasks.

Arrange by Priority


Create sub-task




Tasks in the Timeline can have their properties altered either from the grid within the Timeline or by opening the Task Card dialog.

Double clicking a task in the grid will allow you to make changes to the properties set against that task. The task name will become an editable text box and dates, status and assignee can be altered through dropdown menus.

The Task Card dialog can also be opened to edit task properties and include additional links, notes or comments.

To open the Task Card, hover over the task in the grid (tap on touch) and click the cog icon in the More Options menu Timeline_Basics_02.png





Tasks can be removed entirely from your project by deleting them through the Timeline grid.

Expand the More Options menu against the task by hovering your cursor over it in the grid (tap on touch) and click on the bin icon.

If you select a task with subtasks against it then the subtasks will also be removed from the project. To avoid accidentally deleting a subtask when removing an unwanted parent, a confirmation dialog will be displayed to inform you that the task has subtasks against it.



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