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Tasks can be marked as complete from the Task Board, MapTask List and Timeline views. This allows you to implement a different workflow than simply moving a card across the board from left to right, as you can now create lists based on a specific date or team member and mark tasks as complete within the list.

Completed tasks have additional information stored in the task card to show when the task was completed and which user marked the task as complete.

Completed Information on Task Card



Task Board

Marking as Complete

You can mark a task in the board as complete either by clicking the "tick" on the task card or by opening the card on the board and clicking the "Task Complete" checkbox

Within a List



Within a Task Card




Hiding Completed Tasks

If you choose to filter out completed tasks and mark a task as complete in the Task Board view, you will note that it disappears from view. This allows you to avoid the board, and your 'Done' column in particular, becoming cluttered with completed tasks. 

To do this, select the funnel filter icon and choose to filter by completed state "Incomplete".

The filter can be removed again by opening the filter dialog and selecting "Clear"

Using a Filter




Map View

Once a branch in your map has had task properties applied you will note that the checkbox within the Tasks window becomes available to mark the task as Complete.

Doing so will apply a green tick to the branch as a visual indicator that the task has been completed.

Marking as Complete in the Map View




Task List

Marking as Complete

If viewing tasks within the Task List view, you can mark a task as complete in a similar manner to the Task Board.

Clicking the tick on the task within the list will mark it as complete. Alternatively opening the Task Card and selecting the "Task Complete" checkbox will also mark the task as complete and remove it from view.

Completing from the List





To mark a task as complete in the Timeline view, click Mark_Tasks_as_Complete_04.PNG against the task in the grid by hovering your cursor over it (tap on touch devices)

Once in the Task Card window, you can mark the task as complete using the Complete button.



Custom Workflow

The ability to mark tasks as complete allows for an alternative workflow to be implemented in the Task Board from dragging cards into a "Complete" list on the board.

Tasks no longer need to be moved from their list to mark them as complete, which opens up the possibility of creating lists for individual users or lists for certain timeframes, for example days of the week.

Tasks can then be prioritised within the list by dragging and dropping the task cards vertically, then marked "Complete" as you and your team progress.

Days of the Week


By Team Member



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