Copying Projects

You may want to copy an existing project as the basis for your new project. Simply select "..." at the end of the project on the Projects view in MindGenius Hub and then select Copy Project.





Alternatively, open the project you want to copy and select the cog icon in the top right corner or the Project Navigation Bar, then select Copy Project.



In addition to the basic information in your project, you can choose to copy a number of additional properties to suit your needs.

  • The new project will have the default name “Copy of …” you can either keep this or name it something else.
  • Project Team Member can be copied into the new project, or you can choose not to add them. You can also select whether or not you want to send them an email alerting them to this.
  • You can also choose to copy Assignees and completed tasks.
  • Task dates can be rescheduled to either the day you copy the project (this is the default setting) or a date of your choosing.


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