Print Maps


Note: Chrome and Safari browsers are recommended for the full range of print settings. Whilst the print feature is available on other browsers, not all settings will be available via the print dialog.


Maps can be quickly and easily printed via the Print option in the cog in the top right corner.


Preparing your Printout

Clicking Print from the cog icon (or appending /print to the map URL) will launch a separate window allowing you to zoom your map in and out in order to select the view you want to print. Use the Zoom in/Zoom out to alter the map for printing.

Zoom in/Zoom Out

Print_Maps_02.png  Print_Maps_03.png

If you want to undo changes and start again, simply click the Print_Maps_04.png button


Print Settings

Once you're ready to print click the Print button Print_Maps_05.png and you'll be taken to the print preview.

From here you can select:

  • Which printer you wish to print to
  • Number of pages
  • Number of copies
  • Page layout (portrait or landscape)
  • Colour or black & white

Additional options (if applicable)

  • Paper size
  • Margins
  • Quality
  • Headers and footers
  • Double sided printing
  • Background graphics

You can also choose to use your system dialog by clicking the link at the bottom of the print preview page (or by using the Ctrl + Shift + P key combination

When you're ready to print your map, select Print_Maps_06.png


Colour Printing

If you wish to include background colours (and tag colours) in your printout, please ensure you have selected the following:

In Google Chrome:

Ensure that both “Colour” and “Background Graphics” are enabled. You should see the blue outline around the core and level one branch in the preview window, as well as any coloured tags you have assigned in your map.



In Safari:

Ensure the Print Backgrounds checkbox is enabled.


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