Using MindGenius Online to Get Things Done


The Get Things Done Guide will show you how to get you and your team’s tasks and workflow set up in MindGenius Online and start getting things done.

Following this guide will allow you to easily see were potential problems are as well as making you more organised.


Add Tasks

The first step to getting things done is to build a clear picture of your workload. To do this, start by adding tasks to a simple workflow of Not Started, In Progress or Complete.

Each list will represent a task status in your project, you can add or customise the workflows.


Adding a Task to the Board

Click ‘Add a Card’ beneath the list which you want to create a new task. Don’t worry too much about assignments or workflows, the focus should be on the task recording process.




Define Workflow

You can customise the MindGenius Online task board lists to fit the way you work. While the standard workflow of Not Started, In Progress and Complete is simple, most workflows will be more complex.

With MindGenius Online you can add, remove, rename or move lists to build your workflow.


Add a List to the Board

Clicking 'Add a list...' will create a new list on your Task Board.



Re-Order Lists

Clicking and dragging the list on your board will allow you to rearrange the order. For example, you may want to leave the 'Complete' list to the far right of your board and move your new column before it.



Edit Tasks

Click the Task to open the Task edit dialog. This will allow you to update or edit the content of the task on your board.



Clear Tasks

If you need to clear a task off the board. Expand the More options menu on the Task itself and click 'Clear task'





Collaborate and Get Things Done

The next step is to start collaborating and Get Things Done.

With MindGenius Online we can add descriptions to our tasks, set a due date, assign to other people and leave comments for them.



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