Using The Info Tab


The Info tab performs the role of the command centre for your project, allowing you to:

  • Make changes to the details of your project.
  • Make changes to the team members who have access to and are working on the project.
  • View an overview of the document activity within the project.
  • View an activity feed which displays all recent activity that's taken place in the project.


Project Details

From here you can define the details of your project by changing the name, owner, objective and expected outcomes.



You can manage your project team by viewing a list of existing team members and inviting new people.

New users can be invited by typing their email address and including an optional message in the invite.

Existing team members can be removed from the project in this same area Activity_Feed_02.png



Recently viewed, recently updated and pinned documents are displayed in order and can be quickly accessed by clicking the links within Info tab


Activity Feed

You can view a list of the most recent events in your project from the Activity feed.

Updates display in order, with the most recent at the top of the list. As a new update appears in the list it will be briefly highlighted.

The task properties can be opened from the activity feed by clicking/tapping the activity card in the feed.

An Example Info Tab


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