Managing Tasks Using the Task Board



Prioritising Task Order

The Task Cards within your board can be dragged vertically up and down your task lists. Once you've populated your Task Board with tasks, dragging and dropping the Task Cards in this fashion allows you to prioritise the order in which your tasks need to be undertaken.

Drag and Drop to Reorganise Task Priority




Updating Task Status

Once you have prioritised the tasks within your Task Board you can update the status as the task progresses by dragging the Task Card horizontally from left to right across the board.

If you need to add new statuses for your tasks, for instance "On Hold" or "Blocked", you can do so by adding a new list to your board. On the right of your board, you can add a new list by clicking "Add List"

Your new list can then be dragged into position in your board and tasks can be dragged into the list to update their status.

Drag and Drop to Reorganise Lists




Collapsing Task Lists

If you need to focus on the tasks within a particular area of your Task Board, you can hide unnecessary lists by clicking Managing_Tasks_Using_the_Task_Board_03.png and selecting "Collapse List"

Collapsing and Expanding Lists




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