Using the Task Board


The Task Board view in MindGenius Online follows typical Kanban board principles.

Adding Tasks to the Board

You can also add new tasks directly to your Task Board. Clicking Using_the_Task_Board_04.pngbeneath a list will allow you to add a new card to the list. Clicking on the card will allow you to open the task dialog to edit the task properties.



Assigning Tasks to Team Members

Clicking on a Task Card on the Task Board will open the Task Card window. Navigate to Assigned to, from here you can view the current team members

To assign the task to someone simply click on the person avatar, image or initials from the dropdown menu. This person will then be allocated responsibility for completing the task and receive an email notification of the assignment, which includes a link to the task in MindGenius Online.



Drag and Drop Tasks to Update Status

Typically, as progress is completed a Task Card will move across the board from left to right.

The default statuses in MindGenius Online (Not Started, In Progress and Complete) are arranged in this order, however, you can drag and drop a list to rearrange the order.



Adding Lists to Create a Workflow

If you want to add a new list to the Task Board, for example, “On Hold” or “Blocked”. This can be done by clicking “Add List”. This will also add the status to the available options in the Timeline and Map view.



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