Using the Task List


Once your project plan is created and tasks have been assigned, you can manage them through the Task List or Task Board views.


Task List

Tasks will appear in a list in this view with a number of details visible:


  • A breadcrumb to show where in your plan the task falls 
  • The start and due dates for the task Using_the_Task_List_01.png
  • The status of the task Using_the_Task_List_02.png
  • Any tags against the task Using_the_Task_List_09.png
  • If the task has a note against it Using_the_Task_List_03.png
  • If the task has a comment against it Using_the_Task_List_04.png
  • The user assigned to the task  
  • A link to open the task in your Plan 

You can edit task details either from the task view by double-clicking the task, or by opening your Plan.



The tasks displayed in the list can be filtered to hide tasks which you aren't interested in. You can use the filter by title, complete/incomplete state, start/due date, assignee or tags



The tasks in your Task List can be grouped together based upon their date, status or assignee



You can also sort the order that tasks are displayed in by date, status or title

Filter, Group and Sort the Task List




Editing a Task in the Task View


The Task List Overview


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