The Organisation Admin Page


To access the Organisations Admin Page, go to the settings menu in the top right corner of the MindGenius Online Homepage Organisation_Admin_Page_09.png

Clicking Billing_Page_01.png will take you to the Billing Page - from here you can manage your MindGenius Online subscription and choose to add more members to your team.


Rename Organisation

You can choose to rename the organisation by clicking on the existing organisation name at the top of the screen.






Invite Users


From the Organisation Admin Page you can invite new users to join your organisation by typing their email address into the "Invite New User" textbox and clicking 


Once someone is invited to join the organisation, the user will receive an invitation by email. If you want to revoke an invitee prior to the user accepting you can do this by clicking  next to their name on the list.

User State Indicators

Until a user accepts the invite, they will be pending, as indicated by the following symbol:

Once they have accepted, they will become a full member of the organisation, as indicated by the following symbol:



Admin Permissions

Once a user is a part of your organisation, you can designate them either an Admin or a standard User

An Admin can also assign other users Admin permissions from the Organisation Admin Page and access the Billing page to add more licence spaces to the Organisation.

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