Using Tags



Assigning Tags

Assigning tags to the branches in your map can be an extremely powerful tool to help you analyse and make sense of the information within.

In the Map view, you can assign tags from the properties panel in the upper right corner  Barvas_Essentials_06.png



Filter by Tags

Once you assign tags to your branches, you can change your view of the information in your map by applying a filter


As an example, if you were to apply High/Medium/Low tags to your branches, you can then filter to show only the branches with High impact tags assigned.



Tag View

You may also want to rearrange your map to group branches by tags. This can be done by switching to a tag view and choosing which tag you want to arrange your map by


Tag view works by creating a level one branch for each tag in the selected group. The subsequent child branches are added to this branch if they have been assigned that same tag.

Once a map has been arranged into a tag view, the group the map is arranged by can be changed to allow a different view based upon a new group of tags.

To avoid confusion and prevent maps from becoming hard to fathom, only a single group selection can be active at a time. The group can be changed at any time through the select box




Once tags are assigned, you can view them on task cards in the board and list views against task cards.


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