Advanced Map Features




Notes can be added to a branch to provide additional information that you don’t want to appear on the branch itself.

This is done via the notes editor by expanding the Task Card:  Barvas_Essentials_06.png


Adding notes is done in the note editor by expanding the task card. Branches that contains notes have the following symbol:


You can edit the test in the notes editor:

  • Bold: ctrl + b (Windows) or Cmd + b (Mac)
  • Italic: ctrl + I (Windows) or Cmd + I (Mac)
  • Underline: ctrl + u (Windows) or Cmd + u (Mac)



Hyperlinks and Attachments


You can add a hyperlink to a branch in MindGenius Online – simply type the URL into the branch and the system will convert it.

To open the site from your branch, click the hyperlink text to expand a dropdown containing the link (the text itself isn’t a clickable link to save you accidentally opening links when moving around in the map). Clicking the drop-down will open the site in a new window.


Attachments can be added to a branch by opening the task card. From this toy can launch an attachments dialog into which you can type or paste a URL and assign it a name to appear in the branch.

This can either be a link to a site or the URL for a file stored in the cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3 etc.). The attachment icon will then be displayed on the branch.

When you click an attachment a dropdown will appear containing a clickable hyperlink to the site or attachment.



To remove an attachment from a branch, open the attachment menu and click the bin icon.







Comments allow users to have conversations with your team within a branch. Anyone with access to the project will be able to view the conversation, by viewing either the branch within the map or from opening the Task Card from the Task Board or Timeline View.

If you need to alert a team member of a new comment you post, you can use the @ symbol followed by their name – they will then receive an email notification providing them with the details of the comment as well as a link to MindGenius Online.





Map Activity

You can view all updates to your map from every user under the Map Activity panel in the top right hand corner of the Map View.

Click the cog icon in the top right and then "Map Activity" to expand the Map Activity panel and you will be able to see what has been updated in the map, who updated it and the time it was done. Clicking the icon again will collapse the Map Activity Panel again.

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